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Organic VS non-Organic Coffee

Did you know over 97% of todays coffee is non-organic? When I learned that, I was shocked and you should be too.

The downside of drinking Non-Organic Coffee

Non-Organic coffee beans are sprayed with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides (and probably more) during cultivation and ends up in your cup. New studies have proven that more than 10% of these harmful chemicals soak inside the coffee beans and end up in your cup of coffee.

What are these chemicals.... Exactly?

To Name just a few: Organophosphates, Pyrethroids, Carbamates, Abamectin, Cypermethrin Dichlorvos, Disulfotonn, Endosulfan, Haloxyfop, Parathio-methyl, Permethrin, Propiconazole, Glyphosate and many more.

Even Paraquat is sometimes used in between crops to clean the field of weeds. Paraquat has been known to be the most toxic insecticide to humans, one small accidental sip can be fatal and there is no found antidote. It remains on the soil for a remaining of 6 years! Crazy!!

Now what can these chemicals cause?

Long-term exposure can cause confusion, anxiety, loss of memory, loss of appetite, disorientation, depression, personality changes, dizziness, headache, muscle twitching, reduced energy, changes in awareness, convulsions, loss of consciousness, paralysis and seizures. Other symptoms such as weakness, headache, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting also may occur.

And I only looked up the side effects for the first 4 pesticides!

Not only is it dangerous for us but also for the farmer who has to spray the field.

The downside of drinking Organic Coffee...

There are really only 2 main downsides of drinking organic coffee.

1. Without pesticides and herbicides, there is no way to combat coffee killing fungus.

2. The cost because it is unfortunately a small market.

By switching to Organic Coffee, We can change the demand and make a healthier and safer lifestyle for generations to come!

All of our coffee at Green Arrow is organic, fresh and packed straight from our family to bless yours.

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