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The Perfect Blend of Coffee, Convenience, and Quality

Coffee Trailer - Bringing the Brew to You

At the Green Arrow Coffee Trailer, we don't just serve coffee; we craft an experience. Our commitment to exceptional service and supporting our community is reflected in every cup we brew. Whether you book us, order catering or find us at an event, you'll enjoy our exceptional coffee and old-fashioned cinnamon rolls. Join our mission and become a part of the Green Arrow Coffee family!

Allyson Matelski

"We love visiting Green Arrow Coffee! Their coffee is delicious, and I especially love their Gold Digger Latte. Their homemade cinnamon rolls are also amazing. Green Arrow is definitely worth a visit."

Lindsay White

It's Amazing. Their espresso is one of the few that actually comes through whatever syrup is in the drink. They have amazing looking cinnamon rolls and the owner is also super kind. Can't wait to have it every Saturday!"

Beverly Smithwick

Gabriel and Elisabeth are the best! If you are looking for great coffee, iced drinks, lattes, smoothies, etc. Check out Green Arrow Coffee! They have converted me to an iced coffee drinker!"

"Crafted with you in mind"

need coffee for your event?

We've Got You Covered!

Green Arrow Coffee serves and caters craft coffee's and old fashioned cinnamon rolls to keep your guest's enjoying their time and in tune with your event whether it is for a wedding, staff appreciation, church event, a party or something else!

Book Us Today! Or contact us for questions.

The best part of it all, is the pure fact that we get to serve YOU!


"Love is in the air... and it smells like fresh, warm, old fashioned cinnamon rolls"

Shop Our Coffee beans

While supporting the mission of GAC to serve people & build His Kingdom.

Our family-owned business is proud to bring you exceptionally crafted coffee beans. Our vision started seven years ago with the heart to serve people and build His kingdom. With every bag of our expertly roasted coffee, you're supporting our family and mission. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

About US


We are a family of 4 and still growing! We love God, Our family(s) and have a passion to serve our community. The vision of GAC started before we got married. We know this is God's business and He has bigger plans that we don't know yet.

Here is a little back story on how I (Elisabeth) got started in the coffee industry.
As a teen I always did love creating a variety of drinks and serving them to my family. One Christmas for a gift exchange my older sister and her husband gifted me a $50 Mr. Coffee espresso machine, some cups & syrups. This set up lived in a cardboard box from Aldi in my closet that I would pull out daily.
I was 13 when I sold my first latte at my Mom's garage sale. The following year, I began volunteering in a Cafe which soon became my first job. That cafe or I should say my boss and elders had a major impact on me through a very hard season. They poured into me, challenged & pushed me. This led me to learning everything I could about the coffee industry and a passion to pour into & challenge those around me. On 10/8/16 God gave me the scripture 1st Chronicles 28:10 in reference to a coffee shop to serve people and build His Kingdom.

I started a social media platform called Pure Coffee in April of 2017 to share what I was learning about coffee. It gained a following of over 2,500 people.
And now here we are!
We started Green Arrow Coffee in March of 2021 as a booth in the Waxahachie Farmers Market to serve people and build His Kingdom. We are excited to see what all God's plans are for this business for His glory & His people. 

Why the name Green Arrow Coffee?

We wanted something that would signify a bigger meaning. A weapon, a battle, a bigger picture that we are here to serve people and to build God's kingdom.

But also our favorite color is green and I was a hobbyist archer growing up.


Favorite Brewing Method

Too many to choose from. Honestly depends on the mood. We have around 14 different kinds!

Favorite Coffee

Our Nock blend would have to be my personal favorite as it is balanced with hints of bakers chocolate rather than my husband's which is Bullet hands down for its dark and bold flavor.

Your Support

Not only helps the mission of GAC but also our family. Thank you for all your support!

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